Children's Tax credit 2002/03

    Has anyone had any notification that they are going to receive this after sending in the forms, if so how long did it take.


    we sent our forms in the 14th Dec and got a cheque through the middle of Jan. We never had any letter just the one with the cheque.

    Hi - I applied the middle of Jan and got a letter 2 days ago to say we weren't getting it

    :cry:i applied early nov heard two weeks ago that imnot getting none boohoo :cry:

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a similar scenario for the tax year 2003/2004 or was the 2002/2003 one a one off mistake?

    i havent heard yet..fingers crossed though.

    I sent mine in middle of Jan, so doubt I'll hear anything for a while.

    Just out of interest how much did you get?

    I applied mid Jan & received a cheque for over £600 yesterday.... Yay!!! :w00t:

    How did everyone hear about this? Is everyone entitled that has children? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    I heard about it on here but some schools told parents & I understand there were ads in the papers.

    You needed to apply by Jan 31st.

    There was a large thread on here but i cant locate it... sorry
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