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Posted 5th Jul 2017
Hi was just wanting some help. Where would the cheapest place be to purchase a small table and chairs for a 3 year old? Thanks.
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Got a cars one on each bay bout three years ago for under thirty brand new and it's still going strong
Hey, I brought my best friends little one a spiderman one from Dunelms a couple of weeks ago for his 2nd birthday... it was £29
A bit late now, but Kiddicare do a lovely rubberwoord high-chair, that converts into a table and chair when the child is older.

Other than that, I wouldnt go for a specificity child sized table, as they grow so fast; my 4 y/o is quite happy sitting in a padded adult chair at a normal sized computer desk, when she was 2 y/o it had a cushion, but now she doesnt need it.
I second hobby craft, the also have individual chairs priced at £12, worth a look. It took me a really long time before I found the right one, in the end I brought my chalk board table and chairs set from Aldi for £25. I've just checked for you and it's sold out online

Also try home bargains and toys r us

I managed to get this deal, so just keep checking:…208
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I've just got rid of my 2 year olds high chair and just got one of those cheap plastic tables and couple of chairs. They're ment for the garden but it'll do the job. Wipe clean easily too. It was from Tesco, my mum bought it so I'm not sure how much it was altogether but I've seen the tables and chairs elsewhere for under £10. My little one thinks he's a big boy now!
We use this table for my 3 year old…08/ and she has this chairärgglad-childrens-chair-in-outdoor-multicolour-art-00101056/
We bought a table and two chairs from ikea. Looking at them online I had not considered the one we actually bought because it was, in my opinion, very cheap looking (approx £20). On seeing it though, it was the best one for a three year old. There is actually a small border around the table top which stops crayon, pencils, etc from falling off. Think it's called "Latt".
Thanks for all the replies. Great help! Thanks. . Now i need to decide which one to buy.
We got the IKEA one it is excellent, to make it even cooler we bought some funky oil cloth and covered it. It is still in excellent condition despite 5 years abuse, even Granny who insists on sitting on the chairs!
Bought a set for my nephew from eBay , but they deleloped a fault , when I was searching the best ones seemed to be IKEA, bandm, or hobbycraft depending on the design you wanted
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