Childs bed with silde

    Looking for one of these for ankle muncher


    I found one called Galexy fun bed only problem is its from littlewoods which I think I would rather avoid if possable.

    Can anyone find me another?? Obviously as cheap as possable without it being total rubbish is always good!!!

    Thanks :-D


    have a look at [url][/url]. They are not cheap but extremely sturdy and
    can be changed to suit your kids as they get older etc. I have 4 boys and these beds have lasted over 8 years so far! They do have stores aswell as online, and you can usually get 20% off the store price.

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    thannks guys but both are a little out of my price range at the moment. the one in littlewoods is just under £200 and tesco direct did have one for about £150 but doesn't anymore.

    Rep left though cos if I had more pennies I would definatly have gone for one of them

    Is this one any use? toyrs r us so I'm sure there are discount codes somehwere, too - but on for £215 including deliver:…019

    Best one I could find and it comes with a bed tent and play curtains to hide toys/children underneath £209.99…htm

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    Thank you thank you thank you

    I went with the one from argos as it also had the matteress but your help is also much apprissiated mel.

    Rep all round and best christmas wished :-D
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