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Found 15th Jun 2009
I want to get my soon-to-be three year old nephew a digital camera for his birthday, has anyone seen any good offers recently?

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Personally I would buy a 3yr old a disposable from the pound shop, then if they treat it with due care and maintain interest maybe buy a better one.
Notwithstanding the above how about ]this one from Toys R Us

i don't have a kids one but do have a 6.3mp one for sale for £40 deluvered, fujifilm. personally i wouldnt go near a kiddies one as the picsture are rubbish, quality etc and also the screen on the back is tiny you cannot make anything out. It would be £40 chucked away. I know someone who bought one a while back and they haven't used it bar from the day her son got it. She was VERY dissapointed!


Whats about the Praktica DC Slim 315. in Blue - £ 24.99 delivered

what about the one that was advertised on here a while ago from aria.co.uk i bought it for my friends little girl she loves it less than a tenner delivered my 4yr old had the vtech one when he was 3 but i not a fan of it so my sis bought him a cheap normal camera and he loves it but you cannot go wrong with the aria one and it has 2 changing faces i know they still had them a few days ago they emailed me with the offer

Not sure how much you want to spend but my 4yr daughter has got the pink version of this Kidizoom:-


I hesitated on buying it at first as reviews said that the photo quality isn't fantastic but decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did (a friend has since bought one for her son). Yes the photo quality probably isn't the best but my daughter never wants to print any off, she just roams around the house taking photos of ridiculous things and then when she's gone to bed I delete the really bad ones to make more room.

You can also do videos on it which is great and I've never had to buy an extra SD card, the memory in the camera has always been fine. The best part of the camera though is that you can edit the pictures so people have elephant ears or hats on (etc etc) and it can be dropped which is needed with kids.

I'd definitely go with one of these as my eldest daughter (who's has a proper camera and it wouldn't last 2 minutes with the little one - couldn't recommend enough!!

this is the description
go to [url]www.aria.co.uk[/url] its on the home page

My First Digital Camera Kit for Children aged 5+
Let your child have endless hours of fun and learning with their very own digital camera.
£4.95(exc. VAT)

i believe worked out at about 8 pound something with vat and delivery
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