Child's Laptop - Any best buys at the moment?

    I'm thinking of getting my daughter a laptop/netbook for her birthday.

    She has started needing to use mine more, and quite often I need to use it for work.

    She doesn't have big requirements, she doesn't need it for games etc.

    She just uses Word and the Internet (with flash), she will probably need other office programs in the near future.

    I don't mind refurb / 2nd hand. Doesn't need to be high spec for the above. Also doesn't need a lot of storage.

    Smaller would be better for portability, good battery would be useful too.

    The cheaper the better!

    Any suggestions?



    Chrome books may work and you can use Microsofts online word ect. Worth looking at and threads here on it.

    how much you looking to spend ? a friend of mine had a budget of £300 and was looking at light and portable laptops/2 in 1(more 2 in 1 in this thought) for uni work. there were lots i seen for about £300 mark but were quite similar (processor wise). I was looking at touchscreen computers/tablets with detachable keyboards .


    chrome book is the perfect option

    Had you asked just after Christmas, I'd have said Aldi's MEDION® AKOYA® S2218 was absolutely ideal at £99, unfortunately none left "what you could have bought

    Might be worth while waiting to see if anything similar comes up

    Don't get hung up on Microsoft products (unless you *absolutely have* to be able to handle Visual Basic macros) there are plenty of free office suites such as "Open Office" "Libre office" to name but two

    In terms of "ex corporate refurbs" re concerned, you really can't go very wrong with IBM/Lenovo (built like Volvos) Del or HP, Windows/7 or above is absolutely fine, personally I'm not a great fan of Toshiba but each to their own, Acer and Asus for me, are less than ideal, but that's a personal prejudice.

    Also helps if you have a tame "tech" to sort out any issues
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    Off the two you listed I would go for the Dell. Better screen and processor, and upgradeable in the future if you need to. It will do everything you want right now, perfectly well. In the future you could upgrade memory and swap to a SSD if you wished.

    The Fujitsu on the other hand is likely to be noticeably slower (CPU) so I would avoid altogether. Dell does seem like a good option.

    I've bought a total of 5 refurb business class laptops (a mix of Dell and Lenovo) for my 3 nephews over the years from Ebay. Two were re-sold being replaced with newer machines and three are still in use, battery life can be hit and miss but I've only had to replace one battery so far and one machine did suffer a drive failure after 2 years.

    That said they are cheap have a far superior and more durable build quality to consumer grade machines (primary concern) and also tend to have far better keyboards and trackpads, the only down side is most of these machines only have 1366x768 displays.

    No promotion intended and I have no affiliation other than being a customer, but this is the seller I bought my machines from simply due to the fact they are only 15 miles down the road.…322

    Another possibility obviously is the Dell outlet store…687…689…005?cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59158|cid:200223050|agid:12488287130|tid:aud-158518126633:pla-266845116239|crid:66128552330|nw:g|rnd:9902994503603702057|dvc:t|adp:1o1&gclid=Cj0KEQiA-_HDBRD2lomhoufc1JkBEiQA0TVMmpUPwkvOwAQG4cHOBNPjKsBX34N6J4a5pKXb7YCH51IaAjpW8P8HAQ

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the replies,

    I decided to go with the Dell, seemed to be very good value for money at that price. It's better than my laptop!

    It mentioned marks on the lid so I'll wait until it comes and have a look at it, if it needs it I'll get one of the personalisation stickers that goes over the lid. Will probably get one of those anyway to make it look more 'kiddy' and less business like.
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