Chilli and Chocolate?

    Has anyone actually tried these walkers crisps or any of the other crazy flavours? Had chilli and chocolate earlier today and it tasted exactly how i expected, totally wrong! How did you find it?


    disgusting but then i found them all disgusting!


    i like the cajun squirell and onion bhaji...yum

    disgusting - i tried 2 flavours and not even going to attempt to try anymore

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    I have tried 3, they made me vomit, I haven't bought Walker's crisps … I have tried 3, they made me vomit, I haven't bought Walker's crisps since, I still feel sick even thinking about them.....

    Lol that's exactly what hubby said. he felt sick thinking about how they tasted :-D

    i adore these chili and chocolate flavour crisps, i have to stop buying them because i keep eating them.... and thats not good for my calorie intake!!!!!

    they are totally disgusting .. dont buy em .. waste of money and you probaly chuck the packet away after tasting one like i did.

    they are foul but my little boy ate them

    tried both the chocolate and chilli and the builders breakfast - both are disgusting! and that comes from someone who loves most flavours!
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