Found 12th Jun 2007
Ok these aren't mine before anyone asks :?

My girlfriend has been clearing out her spare room and has come across some china dolls approx. 25 of them, just wondering whether any forum member would be interested in buying the lot or individual ones, or what would be the best way of selling them.

approx height of them is about 16"

will have a pic shortly


Lets see the pics. If they are lifelike then I may know someone who would be interested in them.

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just waiting for gf to take them, i've never seen them

My wife is collecting dolls in national costumes. Is there anything like that?

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theres one pic, thats all she has taken for now. she says they are like babies once you've seen one they all look the same :giggle:

national costumes in what way?

I mean, doll dressed in German national costume, Chinese, Japanese, whatever. I just brought her Mexican ones Henry and his wives will do as well

Anyway, if prices will be right, I am interested How much does she want for doll on the picture, BTW?

Not really what I was looking for. Oh well.

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but can you kinda see the dilemma i'm gonna have with trying to sell these

ebay is flooded with this kind of doll and they are not selling even at 99p starting price.

Would your girlfriend consider giving them away to a charity shop ?

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i don't think she wants to go down the chairty shop route just yet, but will be an option if the space is required

Might get more from a carboot sale, since people on here can see them on ebay and wont pay as much - people in a car boot would have kids asking for them

I collect them but currently have no room!
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