Chinasearch, any good? Do they pay well?

    I bought an interesting piece of ceramic early today, might be worth quite a bit. So I thought I would try the "Chinasearch" web site - which I think is like a "webuygold" for ceramics.

    So they have taken my details and say they will get back to me, just wondering if anyone had used them and if they offer fair rates?


    Both my mum and me have offered our surplus china to them recently. Both times they came back with the same message - "we have no demand for your china at the moment so we are unable to make you an offer". Good luck, hope you have more luck than us!

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    Ah well it is quite a rare thing so hope they at least make an offer. I will report back!

    If it is rare/valuable you could take it to an auction house with a ceramics expert, who should be able to give you valuation too.

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    Nope, they don't want it - waste of time!.. Ebay it is!
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