Posted 3rd Jan 2023
Anyone have any experience with these AliExpress type heaters?
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    Plenty of reviews on Youtube, I'm sure I read somewhere apparently these cheap heaters have come about because the Eberspächer copyright came to an end some time ago.
    What I do know is they sound like a mini jet engine on start up but once up and running really quiet down.
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    Long video and perhaps more fitting and mounting that you would bother with, but he goes a lot into the details and economics of them.
    I watched that same video along with many others, ultimately I ended up buying 2kW electric fan heaters - works for me and no worries about carbon monoxide or running out of fuel.

    Also Red diesel is about 90p/L and kerosene is usually only a few pence cheaper per litre - the same supplier here in Northern Ireland sells red diesel @ 90.86p/L & Kerosene @ 89.97p/L
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    Put one in my campervan a couple of years ago, works well.

    What sort of info are you after?
    I'm on the fence as far buying one, as I'd have to run it on diesel costing £1.62 a lt, is there a cheaper option that wouldn't require me to put a 500lt tank in my back garden, I want to use it to heat our kitchen.
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    Found a couple of YouTube install videos that seem helpful.

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    Just ordered one from AliExpress £95 delivered, plus £4.30 cashback. I'll report back once I've received it.