Chinese Fire Drill

    Anyone ever done one of these? May try it next time im at a red light, or maybe not :P

    What is a Chinese Fire Drill you ask?

    A Chinese Fire Drill is performed when when a car is stopped at a traffic light, at which point all of the car's occupants get out, run around the car, and return to the car (not necessarily their original seat) when the light changes to amber/green.
    Occasionally, if one of the participants is late to get inside the car, the others might drive off without him or her.
    So basically a car version of musical chairs, albeit a bit more dangerous


    omggg i wanna do that

    hmmmmmmm.......i wouldnt let anyone else drive my car :?

    kerri_ omggg i wanna do that

    I wonder how long it will take for it to appear in the news when someone gets killed? :w00t:

    Only in America.

    i personally find it funnier to just put the car into reverse at lights and watch the face of the driver behind...


    Only in America.

    Hopefully ...

    I thought it might be something similar to an Alaskan Pipeline or a Boston Pancake.

    Thankfully it couldn't be further from the truth.
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