Chinese onion gravy

Found 8th Feb 2010
my local chinese does a lovely onion gravy with their steaks and i was wondering if anyone knows which one they use because i doubt that they make it from scratch ?
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bisto and onions
Is this not the most random thread question ever?? A local chinese uses some kind of onion gravy...which one?

Can i ask how you expect people to know that? Unless they actually work for that chinese...and even then, we dont know which is your local chinese?
Best ask them really.....................
my parents have owned a chineese in the past and i beleive the most popular is "maggi" gravy.

the only way to know for sure would be to ask :roll:
Think they add a bit of Oyster sauce or something to it. Well they do at my local Chinese anyway.
Oh yeah, and lots of MSG .... probably
Steak and a chinese, you mad?
I dont know wok its called :?
Edited your post Stewby, I can see this argument from both perspectives but there's no need to continue the discussion in here
Its called "the cats whiskers"
it is a racist term just like **** is to pakistanis but i have had people call a chinese chinky before dunno why? i have no problem with it though haha
oh btw its probably bisto lol
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