Chinese phone, 1GB storage

    I have a phone I bought, wasn't much but it said it was going to have 8gb storage, you never get 8gb but I was expecting more than 0.89gb.

    I changed the default write disk from phone storage to SD card, but some apps aren't able to use the SD Card (I'm sure I have to manually transfer each app that is able to SD card anyway)

    Its pretty bad, 136mb available, 107mb cached and 655mb apps, The only non standard apps on the phone storage are facebook and swype + dragon. The rest are google android apps that can't be moved.

    Yet at the bottom of the screen it says Phone Storage
    Total space
    Available 5.27GB

    But when trying to download a big game it says insuffient storage because internal storage (at top of screen) says only 132mb available.

    There doesn't seem to be any root available for the phone, jiake g900w. Is it basically useless for installing more than a few apps?

    Even when setting the default write disk as SD card (64gb) it won't download large games directly to it.



    it sounds like the internal partition is only 1gb.

    nothing u can do that I know of

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    android? it sounds like the internal partition is only 1gb. nothing u can … android? it sounds like the internal partition is only 1gb. nothing u can do that I know of

    Yeah its android.

    have a look on xda developers and see if you can root and repartion the phone might be a clone of something more famous..

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    According to this site/page; … According to this site/page; can get root with Framaroot (using Option 3). But I don't know Framaroot, but it's on XDA so it should be safe?

    Thanks all and steve1221, I will try it and get back to you.

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    Hi all

    I tried Framaroot and it didn't work, so I thought I would upgrade the firmware and then try Framaroot again, still nothing. So tried vroot (also listed on the needrom page) and it worked. Still trying to figure out if I can repartition the phone. It may be writing to the sd card now properly as it allowed me to download a large game, still have to confirm it though. If thats the case I can just install games on sd card and not bother with repartitioning.

    One thing with the new firmware a few of the apps names (like music player) have the wrong label, its called something like "shows the soundwave of songs" instead of "music player" can you change the label of system apps?
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