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Found 28th Apr
hi just wondering is it safe to use banking apps and eMail on Chinese phones like Xiaomi or is there any security issues like password copying etc
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There's no guarantee on your security even on "Non-Chinese Branded" phones such as Samsung. What I will say is that i've never had an issue with any Chinese branded phone such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Oukitel, Doogee or many more (i've tried a fair number of phones) so I will say that it's safe to enter your banking details for apps and use email on these devices. There hasn't been any case of password copying in my time of using the devices but certain companies such as OnePlus have been caught out in the past for messing with apps to their advantage, take of that what you will but my trust is still with them. Hope this puts your mind to peace about the spyware on Chinese phones but honestly depends on what company you buy it from and their attitude to security.
Well considering the phones have hundreds of millions of users in Asia and some must certainly use banking, it is perfectly safe to use yourself.

If you are still concerened you could always flash a stock Google ROM on the phone which would essentially make it the same Operating system as a Google Pixel, which im sure would be more "trustworthy"
My son livs in HK and has been using a number of Xiaomi phones for years (he breaks them a lot), does all his banking on them, never a problem...
Dont worry, Xiaomi are very reputable
Make sure you get an official global version, not flashed
By the way anyone know how to disable the lock on the note 4 I have to keep flipping the screen up to unlock it even after disabling all the locks.
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