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Posted 12th Aug 2018
Can anyone please point me to a supplier that sells Chinese tablets but ships from within the EU?
Any recommendations would be good too. I'm after one for my son's birthday in 2 weeks time and have a budget of 150. I'm guessing he'll mostly be using to play Fortnite mobile once released.
Many thanks
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Connectivity needed? WiFi only or 4G?
You're saying around £150. If you then put a data plan on that it will work out a lot more. Why not look at Samsung tab A including 40GB data month for £24 month.
Deducting your £150 for a Chinese tablet (with little to no support and probably a life expectancy somewhat less than a Mayfly) it works out at £17.75 a month for the data, over 2 years. He'll end up with a reputable 10" screen tablet that will last.
Just an idea. Sometimes cheap isn't good value when you do the sums.
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buy a chinese tablet from a uk based seller on ebay and you get 180 days protection somewhat more than a mayfly and as your original post did not mention requiring data this will save you (£576 - 150 ) £426 as opposed to buying a samsung tab as above over two years and you can just connect to your home wifi
or for 150 you can get a amazon fire hd 10 tab
Sorry, don't need mobile data as will only be used at home. Not keen on the Amazon devices tbh would prefer something running stock Android. Thanks
Does anyone have any suggestions of Chinese tablets on eBay from UK sellers? Cheers
for £150 you could get a Lenovo or Samsung..... take a look at Argos eBay refurb range....many are just customer returns so they're in top condition, with a nice discount on the new price
if it has to be chinese then you could look at this
Thanks, I was actually just looking at the chuwi on eBay.
The only reason I was looking at Chinese tablets as wanted to get best specs for the money but would look at anything decent
Fortnite on an Chinese tablet
Xboxgamer3211 h, 25 m ago

Fortnite on an Chinese tablet

Would there be a problem playing Fortnite on a Chinese tablet then??
DamienBlower-8da36.419512 m ago

Helpful! Would there be a problem playing Fortnite on a Chinese tablet …Helpful! Would there be a problem playing Fortnite on a Chinese tablet then??

It probably won’t be supported. You’ve got a decent budget. Get a nice Lenovo one for around £100.
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