chinese websites like dealextreme, focalprice, eachmall, priceangels etc?

Found 26th Aug 2013
so i've been checking these sites out for a while and think they have some great prices on android tablets.

has anyone here used them before? how fast are the express delivery orders?

also, did you have to pay customs or anything like that? i am thinking of reselling their products
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Your better off paying a little extra and buying from UK. one obvious reason if tablet is or becomes faulty then you have to send back to china or hong kong. Not worth the headache.
It's one thing to take a chance and buy a cheap product for yourself but if you are going to be reselling them then you have to consider your returns policy which is going to be difficult for you to provide as it will be expensive for you to return the items back to China/Hong Kong.

You may be subject to customs charges. Info here

Are you going to be bulk buying? Info on tax here

Advice on distance selling…pdf

Have used this site many times, no issues with some items shipped as gifts and tracking.…tml
don't bother trying to resell, many people already do it and make 12p profit
12p x 10000=£1200

12p x 10000=£1200

not much on a half million outlay
true everyone and their dog resell android tabs from China....
get rid of fake beats which has a low base sound
I have used these people quite a few times and never had a problem. Indeed a warranty replacement was dealt with very efficiently when a SD card failed.

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never had any probs with all sorts of stuff but never for tabs, are they worth it? I could do with one
Do eachmail post to the uk
Will you get ur order for sure
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