Chip fell out of debit card

Posted 4th Jul 2009
After withdrawing some cash from an ATM yesterday, the chip fell out of the card as I was removing my card. The chip fell on to the street and I couldn't find it.

Anyway until I get round to going to HSBC on Monday, can the card still be used in ATMs with the stripe?
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yeah i think it can
Didnt you try it and see?
I dont think it can as i was told that the cash machine reads the chip, try using it at asda and ask for cash back :thumbsup:
I dont think it can, as nearly all shops now are chip & pin so you wont be able to get cashback from them, n even if they still swipe the card they might refuse the card n say its been temped in some way with out the chip.

Do you have internet banking, transfer some money over to mates bank account & ask them to get the money out for you
yeah the chip does nothing at atms,will work fine
did the cash point work???????? :w00t:
Chip is for Chip and Pin at Petrol / Asda / Tesco etc....

ATM is reading magnetic strip !

My partner chip was on it's way out and he ordered a new card,they come pretty quick,less than a week usually. I put it down to cos he sits about with them in his back pocket,and always needing replacments cos bent etc.
No it doesnt, it's happened to mine
holly.dunne08/09/2019 10:07

No it doesnt, it's happened to mine

But did it ten years ago when the question was asked? A lot can change in that time.
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