Chipping service/laser lens replacement - PS2

Found 6th Oct 2008
Hey all,

My lovely, lovely chipped PS2 has started giving the message "unable to read disc" with whatever i chuck at it. I have tried a lens cleaner, but still no go, so am at a loss

Does anyone know of a place that will replace the lens or failing that if i buy a new console will fit a chip for me?


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it will be good to read the replys as this happened to my ps2 some years ago, but i gave my one away

my mate had one of these, he took the top off and lowered the laser by adjusting a screw mech inside and it works fine .. if this helps...

Should this not be under misc? Could someone move it please.

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You could try a laser alignment as mentioned above or just buy a replacement one from that auction site we don't mention, they are not really that expensive anymore.

Failing that, if you really can't do it yourself then try ghost2fitter.
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