Chips to paint work above grill

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We have lots of chips on front of car, is there anything we can get to fix these?
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Don't park near the take away maybe?

Go to Halfords, you can usually get a kit comprising of primer, paint and lacquer. If you don't buy it from there at least you can see what you need and pay half the price elsewhere.
I usually use a cloth.

or a spatula.
Plenty of videos on youtube on how to repair paint chips.

Simplest method is to buy a ready mixed small pot of paint (many sellers on ebay) for your car colour - I've used these people…t=0 several times and their paint is very good. The paint contains a lacquer so no need for a separate lacquer to be applied - doesn't need a primer neither.

Clean the area to be painted - I use isopropyl alcohol (to remove any residual wax) after washing, and then ensure the area is dry. Shake the paint bottle and then put a drop of paint on to some scrap plastic/cardboard and then using a cocktail stick (or similar - even a soft pencil) stick the point of the stick into the drop of paint and then start dabbing the paint chip. Too little is better than too much - you can always do it again when dry.

You won't get a perfect finish but from just a few feet away you won't be able to see the repaired chips!

After a week or so wash again and give the area a waxing.
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Nail varnish, if you can find a colour match.
*awaits the clever comments*
Do it yourself and it will look crap, pay a professional to do it,some of them will even come your house and repair on your drive.
It's difficult to do a decent job if you do it yourself, it's also difficult to colour match 100%
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