Chitty Chitty Bang Bang / Wizard of Oz Best Deals Please.

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Found 22nd Apr 2005
I am looking for a couple of DVDs:
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Wizard of Oz ( with Judy Garland ).
I have seen Chitty for £7.95 at DVD.co.uk and Wizard of Oz for £6.99 at Choices Direct.
Can anyone do better than these prices? Or are there any discount codes around for DVD.co.uk and Choices Direct. :?:
Thank you for your help.

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DVD Price Check shows the following for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

[url]www.filmsfirst.net[/url] - 6.99 Region 2 (UK)
[url]www.dvdpacific.com[/url] - 5.75 Region 1 (USA)

The Wizard of Oz looks to be the cheapest.

Original Poster

Thank you Conflict.
Unfortunately the region 1 DVD price is for delivery in the USA it's an extra $14 for delivery to UK.
And as for the region 2 DVD... I can't get the "buy now" link to work!
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