Found 29th Dec 2009
Hi there I am looking for somebody who knows their stuff about the chloe paddington bag.

I originally wanted to buy an authentic paddington, however I have done some research and have concluded there are way too many fakes around that I dont want to spend £750 on what may end up being a fake.. (id probably never know the difference anyway) therefore I have decided I want to buy a good quality replica and save myself £600.

So the question is does anybody have any recommendations on where I should purchase my replica from. There are so many places that offer replicas but I want one of the good ones. I am expecting to spend between 100-150.

any advice will be welcomed. thanks!

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Hi Ebay is a good place to start for a good replica got one myself and adore it its also good quality for a fake hope you get one every woman needs one lol and the stares and comments you get to go with it is great and your the only one who knows its a fake lol:-D

yeh ebay is your best bet especially as it is illegal to sell But make sure it is a good fake or you could end up with a cheap plasitc one that falls to bits... good luck
love the paddington also...hope you find one,...x
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