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    hi all,
    does anyone use shower filters to remove chlorine, or any other substances/chemicals that are part of the tap water in the uk. the tap water in the uk is hard water: alot of cleaning chemicals are put into to clean the water. i am having serious hair loss problems and i am sure its the water. i have been to the doctors they say i am fine, i have tried all shampoos and oil for hair but to no solution. pls advice which shower filters is best and which you use.


    I strongly doubt it's due to residual chemicals in the water - the residual chlorine in tap water is negligible to be honest - hair loss can generally be genetic or caused by stress, like alopecia.

    If chlorine caused hair loss then every swimmer/diver etc would be bald! Apart from Duncan Goodhew, I don't know any others

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    so i guess i should leave the idea of filters


    so i guess i should leave the idea of filters

    Is everyone else in your street bald?
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