Chocolate Cake In 5 Minutes!

    i stumbled across this link, just wanted to share :-D
    i was gonna try now but i dont have self- raising flour which i assume is 'cake flour'

    link in next post


    Original Poster…tes

    and sorry also if its been posted before

    looool lilac, the end picture looks like sum1s just gone ahead and taken a dump in the cup...tasty

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    would ideally like someone to try it and taste and give me feedback, cheers :-D

    Ducky posted this a while back, I made it and it actually turned out alright, quite tasty if not a bit too sweet


    What is cake flour

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    What is cake flour

    self- raising flour i assume :thumbsup:

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    Try this thread hun … Try this thread hun

    cheers, i'm having a look now :-D

    Cake flour is plain flour or at least that is what I use:)

    im gonna make this from work at lunch, eat it infront of ppl then go home early sayin i feel sick, theyl understand why, cheers lilac!

    I forgot how funny the old thread was lol
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