chocolate for fountain

Party coming up, bought a choc fountain - good deal here of course (a double one, milk and white chocolate). I know I can use normal chocolate for the fountain and have been looking round for good deals on large bars of chocolate that I used to see e.g mega bars for £1.50.

Where have they all that I need them??

Anyone know where to get good deal on mega bars of white and milk chocolate please?


Would this be received better in deal requests?

I get a lot of my stuff from cash and carry but if you don't have one that you can get in then try somewhere like Poundland as my one sells all sorts of stuff like that.

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Would this be received better in deal requests?

yes, got carried away 'cause also need 'puter advice. waiting for Mod to move it.

Ill happily test the chocolate for you and tell you how nice it is?

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I'll save you some...

Lidl 29p per 100g - but a few n then add fat to get right consistency.

Tesco own brand white chocolate - massive bar for only 48p works a treat, just add a little bit of oil. Their marshmallows are quite cheap too! Oh dear, I feel a choccie moment coming on

I heard you need to buy the actual chocolate ie. the fondue because the other stuff is too think [Theres a shop in nottingham called the entertainer] not sure if its anywhere else too. And they have a 5kg bag for like £10

Watch you get the consistency right and don't over heat in the microwave. Ours spun chocolate all over the room due to it not liking the chocolate we gave it!

Thorntons...made for the fountains, none of this adding fat and oil crap! And taste delicious...but suppose you pay for what you and add oil, or thorntons and £3 a bag (need about 3) Worth every penny!
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