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    Bought one of these for babies birthday party at the weekend. Only problem is I have no idea where to get chocolate for it in time. I thought tesco's would have some but no :|! Do I need special chocolate? Or normal chocolate? Or cooking chocolate. Also how much do I need???


    thorntons chocolate fountain choccie. £3.50 a bag and tastes lush

    we use tescos own chocolate for ours (not the value just their own blue label) if you've never tried this chocolate you wouldn't believe how lovely it is a mixture between cadburys and galaxy and cheap too !!
    2 for £1.40 at the moment too!

    You need quite a bit to keep it running i think we put 2 massive bars into ours (been a while since we used it ) , you don't need special chocolate though just normal milk chocolate will do, we also use cooking oil (just a bit) to keep it running smoothly, and we melt the chocolate in the microwave first . HTH

    I bought one and for a while used the special chocolate - which was always 70% cocoa solids etc. However had to use normal cadburys dairy milk as run out other and mixed with the appropriate amount of oil (you cant taste it) it was a much better hit than the specialist stuff. In my instruction book it had specific amounts of oil to use with different brands and type of chocolate - using this I get great results everytime !

    if you cant find any let me know I could let you know quantities from mine if you want.

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    Thanks guys! Sent husband on Thorntons mission before I read posts regarding using other brands. I got about a zillion easter eggs I could have put in it ;-). BigDanny could you let me know what I would need for cadbury's chocolate? Is olive oil okay to add?

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    Seems what chocolate does matter Damn thing did a wall of death around my kitchen in middle of baby's party. Chocolate everywhere Chocolate had little crystals on it when it melted and it pushed the spinnery thing up and the damn thing sprayed everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you melt it in the microwave first Gaia and put oil in ?? I use the tescos one and thats never happened to me , bet it was hell cleaning that up

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    Yeps melted in microwave ... husband was in control ... I have suspicion it was overheated in microwave but was told definitely not :whistling: Was the tesco one. I am right in thinking it has nothing that secures the top part to the base right? We never forgot anything?

    Added oil and everything

    Melted chocolate is a total nightmare .... was totally everywhere ... all over walls, floors, cupboards, in toaster, in plug socket, all over me and all over party food. Then about a dozen small people running in to view the damage ... laugh ... make comments such as what a mess! Then proceed to spread through the house.

    Anyway .... was kinda funny :oops:

    Sorry to hear that (I'd blame the husband !!) maybe it was the make of your choc fountain, cos I can honestly say mine or anyone I know has ever done that!

    Least you threw a party to remember!! :-D
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