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    My 6 year old has just informed me that she would like a chocolate fountain for her birthday. Does anyone know of any good deals on them at the mo???


    Try E B A Y .

    i know that this is going to be really hard to tell a 6 year old, but they are rubbish! You need special chocalate as the big named bars of say cadburys or galaxy have so little 'chocolate' in them that the chocolate when melted doesnt flow properly! I used to sell these (big chain store) and we had sooo many back cause they were just rubbish!

    on the other hand if you really want one - i think aldi had them for £9 the other day! - but have a back up present ready!

    Yeah I have a huge one and its great but Cadbry's choco has soo little choco in it that its poor sometimes you have to melt it with oil or something but not worth it at all!

    dont buy they are rubbish, to get to work correctly u have to put oil with it to get it to run smoothly. yuk

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    What about a mini one??? Do they sell small ones?

    Totally agree with everyone else - eating cooking oil - yuk.

    melt some choccy in the microwave and then let them have fun dipping stuff in !
    cheaper and easy to clean !

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    Thanks for all your advice, just won't mention it now and hope she forgets. Got to agree that eating cooking oil makes me feel sick!!!

    Blacks Milk Chocolate you would ideally have to buy and thats a BOMB =\

    Just get Nutella and make dips with that saves you buyig choco bars and melting them etc =D

    if you live near a thorntons outlet store they sell the chocolate for fondu, should imagine it's better quality than any supermarket / corner shop chocolate!

    I don't like the idea of adding oil so bought some cocoa butter powder which basically does the same thing as the oil would, then used Asda own brand chocolate.

    The cheapest place I found it was online here

    The chocolate fountain itself was from Argos

    It worked excellent for several hours during an 11 year olds birthday party, though I do admit it's been in the box at the back of a cupboard ever since.

    I'm sure it will get used again and won't be the one use novelty like the candy floss machine, the popcorn maker, the marshmallow maker, ice cream machine or mini bake oven!
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