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    Can someone just clear this up for me.

    Are the items that this site sell NEW or are they returns or ex-display items.
    I thought they were just new but someone doubted it and i cant seem to see anything about it on the website.


    I was under the impression they where new?

    mixture of both as far as i can see

    Graded Products

    Item condition unless specifically stated otherwise, all products are graded products. This clarification includes a range of products such as:

    • Products that have been on display for demonstration purposes at high street retailers

    • Products that have been returned by mail order /Internet under their “no quibble “ 14 or 28 day guarantee.

    • Products that have been fully reconditioned

    • Factory Seconds These products are not used but may have been taken out of the original box.

    Original Poster

    Does it state then on the specific product if it is graded or new do you know?

    Oh i have found it now thankyou both
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