Choices Recent Nintendo DS deal. A WARNING !

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Found 21st Apr 2008


Make sure you check your DS carefully especially if it is a White one.

Received ours not 1 hour ago and it's on tthe way back to them.
Not only was it obviously a return and had been used but the Hinge on the back was cracked.

I phoned Choices on 01733 232800 and spoke to Customer Services who said to return it for replacement.
(I actually don't think it will be replaced rather than refunded but we will see)
Customer Services guy was polite and efficient.

The Customer Services guy also said that he had had other phone calls about the same thing so mine was obviously not a one off.

So take care people and check carefully !!

First ever problem with Choices so benefit of the doubt so far


Thanks hts - hope you do end up getting a replacement. *fingers crossed*

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Thanks hts - hope you do end up getting a replacement. *fingers crossed*

Cheers but I very much doubt it, they obviously bought up a batch of returns form somebody, can't imagine they will send out a full price replacement.

Que sera ! ( Wasn't for me anyway was a friends pressie, they'll have to make do with socks now)


My ds came from them at chrimbo and was fine (touch wood)
You seem rather calm about things though..I would be really gutted

Are ds's still quite hard to get hold of then?

shibi din;1938971

Are ds's still quite hard to get hold of then?

Not really, ]Shopto always seem to have stock... But no one seems to budge much on the £99 price.

Ohh and thanks for the warning HTS... will double check the one I got

Thanks sadie. :thumbsup:
My hubby was in the States in March and he bought a crimson and black ds for a friend's son. Only cost £70. I should have asked to him to bring a load more back!! Could have split the difference with folks!

Just had a look at the original deal and notice that the op is suspended! Anyone know why?

Ahhhh I would've bought one off you Shibi!! Send him back!!! :lol:

edit: he'd been ]banned from selling consoles before so maybe something to do with that... ? Naughty, naughty!

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UPDATE 23/04/2008

Just had an email from Choices. As I expected they are not going to replace the faulty DS and say they will refund shortly.

I don't think they did themselves any favours with these sales, hope they have learnt a lesson.

Would strongly advise those that bought them to make sure they thoroughly check the DS all over and especially on the hinges at the back. This is a known problem with DS's anyway especially the White ones.

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