Choke Canyon (1986) (On Dangerous Ground)

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I have always wanted to see this film since the Mike and the Mechanics song that I loved as a young teen. Finally did after 34 years. But the song doesn't appear and the video that is suppose to show clips from the movie, like a trailer, doesn't. Anyone know why?

A good corny action 80's film with some great aerial scenes for those interested.
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The soundtrack to the film that never appears or the scenes.

Wiki says: The promotional video for the song features a few clips from the film, but primarily follows the story of the lyrics, which are about an astronaut trying to send a message to the past in order to warn his family of an imminent societal breakdown

Read this first before posting. Yes all dandy and fine but still doesn't answer my question as none of this is said in the film and plays no part including the soundtrack.
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