Choose Your Favourite Sunbed just €25 (Just make sure you book it before the Germans)

Found 29th Jan
Sunbed wars could be over, at least at a handful of holiday hotels run by Thomas Cook.

A lifetime after the Mediterranean package holiday was created, the tour operator has finally come up with a system for booking a specific sunlounger — with no need to make a dawn swoop with towels to reserve a spot by the pool.

Thomas Cook has launched a trial called, unsurprisingly, “Choose Your Favourite Sunbed”. Starting next month at three hotels, it will allow holidaymakers to pre-pay €25 to guarantee use of the same sunlounger throughout their holiday.

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Or do as we do , if sunbeds are a problem , buy a couple of cheap lilos in resort ( about 8 Euros apiece) and place them where you like to lounge

We always give them away on our last day to families with kids who can then use them to play in the water with .
We normally make friends with the pool attendants who are up first thing , give them a small tip they usually reserve the beds you want anyway . However I'm up early even on holiday , so don't mind going to the pool and reserving our beds otherwise. If this catches on everyone will end up sleeping by the pool to beat Thomas Cook to the best sunbeds
So are they doing this for the holidaymakers or for the money. I'm not a betting man but-------
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or you know, go out and explore the country you have gone to instead of sitting in a building and filling your fat faces with your all inclusive meals.

Christ, go to the beach, go swimming in a lake or river, enjoy yourself.
Think this one only applies to human lobsters.
Truly no words!
Brilliant idea !!! Finally , why has it taken so long ? Might start using hotels again rather than villas
Are people really so timid that they take notice of a sun lounger that has been "reserved" by a towel?
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