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    Hi, hopefully someone on here can help as there always seem to be some people on the site who know loads about computing.

    I currently have a laptop, but i'm looking to get a desktop pc, as I'm goi g back to uni to do my second architecture degree, and cannot bare to think about using CAD again on a laptop with a touchpad and small screen, I'm a bit out of touch with the world of computers at the moment, in terms of reasonable specs.

    I would really appreciate it if people could recomend a good desktop to meet the following requirements. Cheers (and please don't suggest building one, it won't happen)

    *under £500 (with monitor)
    *decent HD space/capacity
    *very quick at processing, working (RAM: important quality so it can handle large CAD files without lag
    *I want it to be quick, but have no desire need for extra things like gaming graphics cards, or brilliant speakers, as I would not use them, so seems useless paying for them (needs to be be able to handle CAD rendering though
    *operate on WIndows 7
    *preferably good looking/smallish (As with my profession I am a stickler for design, and hate ugly thinks, I would have a MAC, but it's a hassle to get te programs I need for them easily.
    *preferably a HD monitor
    Thanks again. Also if anyone can suggest somewhere to sell my laptop as well I would be truly gratefull (it's a samsung R60plus )


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    i know, just wanted to get a few more replies, so shifted it up the list
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