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    For a while now I've been mulling over what subjects to do, I've talked to teachers, pupils and the careers adviser but still stuck, at first i wanted to get into engineering, Im very good at maths and average at physics, so my teacher didn't recommend me even if i got AA in double science i wouldn't be guaranteed, even though there is a shortage of pupils for physics :thinking:, then i thought economics and government and politics as i like both subjects but still not sure, I enjoy business, ict, maths, but i want to get into a career that pays big so im thinking along the lines of economics but not sure Any advice? recommendations?, any thing?


    i would go for maths physics and one of the essay subjects...probs politics, that's an awesome combo in my opinion. if you dont fancy slogging it in physics then ict would be a decent substitute. good luck !!

    I took ICT, its really good. Lots of coursework but less stress for the exam then. I also took history, english (I hated it) and r.e.

    At the minute im doing Maths, Physics, Chem and Business and i'm really eager to take engineering at Uni. My school doesnt seem to require very high grades to get accepted into the subjects i chose.

    Personally i would recommend doing engineering, primarily because i love the subject. Even if you dont get the grades your after you can do a year in industry before you go off to uni.

    I've optied to take a special course which the college I'm going to in September offer specifically. These are what I've been offered to do in this specific course, plus an additional AS/A-level of my choice;

    AS Business Studies
    AS Law
    BTEC National Business & Finance Course
    Applied ICT (My choice)

    This course also includes a 6 weeks work paid experience placement which isn't bad.

    Don't know if you want to persue a similar career line as me, though I plan to go into Marketing or Finance, highly likely marketing though.

    Though careers advisors are *****, the lovely mother which I have, she works in the jobcentre, said your best to avoid them, and ask people currently in jobs as you'll get the same sort of feeling.

    I was told today after having conversation on what I want to do, and was told if you don't decide to go uni, going to college is pretty pointless, though you have to because there are not enough job opportunities straight from secondary school.

    Hope my thought counts=]



    I do maths, economics, eng lang and law. I got a B at maths a GCSE but the step up to as is sooooo hard, I ended up getting an E in the Jan exam, Economics is good fun you get to draw loads of fancy graphs.

    If you're stuck between economics and engineering then it'd be worth looking at taking physics, maths and maybe economics.

    As for the 4th subject, if you think you'll be able to manage it and it's available to you then further maths will really help in BOTH economics and engineering degrees. If you DO take further maths then you probably won't really need economics... you will be respected when applying for economics if you have the double maths behind you. Not as bad as it sounds either, as the double maths SHOULD help your single maths if you do them alongside.

    Dont take ICT -- or business or biology -- just take general studies

    I failed my a levels well i got D in general but then you kidna get that when you dont revise at all

    Computing is a defo no-go. I just finished my A-levels and I am waiting for the results. I should be dead already because 2 years of computing is life threatening. English language was my next subject and was okay but not my cup of tea. Film studies as my third was the best choice ever, you can write anything in the exam and they will mark it high as long as you go on about the sub-conscious. General Studies was compulsory at my college because it is 6th best college in England and they have a reputation to hold, general studies is basically a free A. You don't study for it and you cannot revise, it is really easy.

    Original Poster

    thanks for the tips,I really want to do engineering, but i know that a-level physics is very hard, and has one of the worst pass rates i think,

    Basically i have these options,


    scroll to page 3,

    from there i chose what subjects i want to do out of each block and i can only choose one from each block,

    Option Block 1




    Government and politics


    So a combination of those 4,

    i was thinking, maths,philosophy,goverment and economics, i had a taster of lesson of philosophy and really liked it. But i like the idea of engineering and find it very interesting, also i heard theres no point in doing business and economics together as there so similar.

    I also want to go in a career which is saturated, whats there are demand for?


    I do maths, economics, eng lang and law. I got a B at maths a GCSE but … I do maths, economics, eng lang and law. I got a B at maths a GCSE but the step up to as is sooooo hard, I ended up getting an E in the Jan exam, Economics is good fun you get to draw loads of fancy graphs.

    In maths at GCSE I got an A*. At AS level, U : [
    I found maths really easy up until then. AS level was like another language, where did all the numbers go?! Dropped for A level.

    I did Art (as it's what I want to do as a career). I think it's a nice subject, contrasts well, gives you somewhat of a break from more academic subjects.

    Then I chose ICT, which was THE most boring subject ever. But I think it's all down to how you're taught. Our lessons consisted of the teacher dictating out of the text book, not fun.

    Psychology I found to be a really interesting subject.

    At the end of the day do something you think you will enjoy. If you're doing subjects you hate, then do you really want a career in something similar for the rest of your life?

    I took English Lit, Maths (pure&statistics), Biology and general studies. Maths, english and science covers so many areas and has impressed prospective employers. A few of my fellow biology/maths students took physics and said it was very difficult indeed! Just try to be aware of what will be required of you. My best advice would be to pick subjects you enjoy as hopefully they will translate to a job you enjoy and studying won't be a chore!!

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    also if i do a level ict ive already done all the coursework for it which i think is 60% of the grade. so that would be a very easy subject, but find it extreamly boring and repetitive and easy:-D

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    To the guys who do physics, is it really that hard?? i had a taster lesson of maths and my teaser was saying in year 13 you can choose a mechanics module M1, and i picked up a text book and found it very interesting how alike is this to physics??

    Make sure you do something you're going to be interested in.

    I only got a C in Maths which shocked me as im great at it, Im really fast at multiplying and counting when shopping! just my exam was on Triginomitry which we werent taught about that well.

    Got 100% in English Chemistry, Biology and Computing though!

    This is Scottish grades though(and I still struggled to get into Uni!)
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