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    I Need Help Choosing A Netbook, Don't Really Want To Spend Too Much But Do Like The Samsung ... Anyway Will Be Used For IM, Internet And Watching Films Mainly. Also SSD Drive Or HDD, Would Be In My Bag Alot While Travelling So Unsure.

    All Help Appreciated + Rep For Anyone Who Helps


    Depends if you are bothered about keyboard size ,The samsung and the advent 4211 are almost identical in perormance and keyboard but the samsung has better battery life but costs more so if you want to type a lot and arent to bothered about battery go for the 4211 but if battery is important go for the samsung,And if you almost never type then there are lots out there with smaller keyboard which are quite a bit cheaper,

    hp are good check flebay, look for 1gb + ram and 100gb HDD +,

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    Ideally i don't need a full size keyboard, i have considered the samsung but wondered that if i comprimsed on the keyboard whether their was a bargain to be had :whistling: Considering the Dell since i already have 2 vodafone contracts in the family.:whistling:

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    Bump .... Come On People I Need Help :?

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    2nd Bump :thumbsup: Help Me People I Beg Of You !!

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    Last Bump .... Please Please Help !!

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    Thank You So Much :thumbsup:
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