Choosing A New Laptop... Advice Required On Apple Too Thanks...

i've been given a few options work are willing to pay £300 towards my new laptop IF i buy an Apple one, i don't know why.... but i've got a month to decide what i want to do before i lose this incentive. Could i run the same things i run off my current laptop (a compaq)? all i want to do is access the internet wired and wirelesly (using msn, surfint etc), as well as use it for your basic word processing and excel... could i manage on this>? store a few mp3's and listen to them too

or the other option is to just buy another compaq, or a toshiba
could anyone reccomend any? budget is around 1000, and i would prefer it to be one of the above brands, or even a Sony.... no dells (have had bad expreiences in the past with them) for these though i require a minimum 1gb of ram and a 60gb hd, im not too fussed about screensize, my current laptop is 15"1, i've looked at the Toshiba Qosimo range looks tasty but out of my price range im afraid!

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Apple makes nice laptops, but you won't be able to share apps with windows. are you sure you can make it without them? just think about it

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thanks rayman

yeah benzer i shld consider that, i've been looking through a few forums, and i guess an Apple isn't the most ideal (in the long run, although the financial aspect of the deal looks tasty)

I have an Apple macbook and would highly recommend it unless you are into computer games. The operating system is way better than windows and most essential files are compatible like word and power point. Regarding programmes, the laptop comes with a very nice selection of progrmmes (iLife) which are nice to use and in terms of word processing you can either buy office for mac, or iWork which is not as expensive as microsoft office. You can also stick with the free option and download neoOffice which is an opensource program that does more or less everything microsoft office does. Best of all, you can also install microsoft windows onto you macbook and operate on both windows and Mac. In terms of cost, for the features you get, a macbook has a very good value for money.

If you decide to buy a mac, buy it directly from apple and ask them to give you a 'higher education' discount. This applies to anyone who is involved in any kind of teaching or training and they never ask for a proof. they also have a deal now where you get £100 cash back when you buy an iPod with your laptop.

Hope this helps you decide. For more info: visit the discussion forum at [url]www.macrumors.com[/url]


Apple makes nice laptops, but you won't be able to share apps with … Apple makes nice laptops, but you won't be able to share apps with windows. are you sure you can make it without them? just think about it

WHOA! I would like the following post corrected!!

All Apple laptops/desktops now run on Intel chips, same as HP, Compaq, Dell, etc.

Yes, Macs normally run a different operating system, called Mac OSX Tiger. However, you can install windows on a mac as well now, and it would run natively, meaning exactly the same as if you bought a laptop from dell, hp, etc.

Many popular programs are available for Macs. There's Firefox, MSN, Thunderbird, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook (called Entourge on a Mac), Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and that's only a few. And if you come across a program that doesn't run on Mac OSX, then all you have to do is to boot up into Windows XP when you start your computer and run it there. Simple as that.

Any documents that you create in word/excel/powerpoint will be 100% compatible when you open it in Windows. Same goes for almost all other files that you create on a Mac.

In terms of network sharing, you will be able to share files very easily with windows computers, and Macs will work fine on windows networks.

Placebo has given good advice, exactly what I wanted to say! :thumbsup:

I have had an eMac for 18 months after using a PC for 10 years. My son has had a PowerBook G4 for 3 years and is so impressed he is buying another Apple laptop soon, as they now have Intel.

As a PC user I became very knowledgeable about defragging and anti-virus and firewalls and Spy ware, etc., etc. With the Mac OS I don’t have to worry about any of that and Apple upgrades and updates as necessary. Most Mac users might admit that it may be only a matter of time before there is a Mac OS virus, worm, trojan etc., meanwhile I don’t have to waste hours on drive maintenance.

Word and Excel are fine but I find PowerPoint isn’t fully functional. However, I don’t use it often, so have not had enough incentive to work around the problem. Of course most people use M$oft, so there isn’t much choice. I haven’t had any problems using other software and most can be chosen for use on PCs or Macs. Some fonts will not function on the Mac OS which I find annoying but there are plenty of alternative typefaces.

I used Entourage for a while but didn’t like it and now use Mail.

Like placebo I use macrumors.com/ .

I also go to macworld.com/news/ and



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wow thanks guys apologies for the late reply its exam week!

i will be buying it from John Lewis if i get one, i get a good discount there plus it will come with 2 years instead of the standard one year warrenty.

sounds great now that it was word/excel, do these come on there as standard or do i have to buy them seperately?
would i be able to connect it wirelessly to my current belkin dsl mimo router?

Yeah, it will be able to connect to the MIMO router, if its backward compatible with 802.11b/g

You can always get the upgrade to 3 year warranty from Apple anytime during your first year, which costs £58

Word/Excel do not come with it, unfortunately. But then again, you'll find very few windows laptops anyways that includes Microsoft Office (most come with Microsoft Suite? something like that).

With the student discount at the Apple Store (high street ones too), the Office for Mac for academic costs around £100 i think. Comes with 3 licence keys though, so you if you want you can sell the other 2 or share it around!
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