Choosing a New Mobile Phone

    Hey guys, so i'm fed up of my N95 and looking to upgrade. Budget is about £200 so need your help =)

    Looking for a phone that has the following features, don't really want an iPhone despite it looking like the obvious choice:

    Video and Music Playback
    Touch Screen
    Okay-ish Camera

    Hit me with what you have, rep will be given =D



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    Anyone wanna help...PLEEEEEASE :-D

    Ive got the LG prada phone its a little old now compared to other phones out and about but ive not had a single problem with it since i got it which was when it first came out.... might be idea to have a read about it.

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    okay cool i'll check it out

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    HMMM just had a look no wifi...

    i got a n82

    I've spoken to alot of people with new phones, and they have all said that the phone crashes.

    I think the companies are making the phones too good for their own good. This means that the phone cannot cope with the RAM, and memory needed to perform.
    So, if you want a decent phone, get a smartphone.

    What phone the n82 or the LG prada? Caus ive got the prada one and its never crashed once for m and ive had it well ove a year

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    Hmm looked perfect but doesn't have wifi :-(


    What about the N96?

    can you just live without wifi?

    If you like the look of the prada phone ive just looked and noticed at the end of this month they will be bringing out the LG prada 2 KF900.....

    It looks the pretty much the same but its got a slide out keyboard and it has wifi... :P…tml

    try p1i it's the best. I'm upgrading to x1 hoping it can overtake p1i
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