Chris Morris infiltrates Fox news

    I don't know if this clip has been posted before but it's so flippin hilarious it deserves a repost.
    This is like something straight out of The Day Today.

    From the offset we have a newsreader who not only looks like but has the same mechanical movements as Max Headroom but this news article is just priceless - if not a little worrying the irrational fear and hatred of Islam and Muslims some of them crazy Yankies have (a bit like some folk on here some might suggest).

    The article is about an 'evil' Fisher Price doll that allegedly says "Islam is the light" and "satan is the key". I can't make out the satan bit but they repeat over and over the bit that sounds like "Islam is the light".

    Ewetewb link to follow...



    chris morris is a satirical legend

    love his work


    chris morris is a satirical legendlove his work


    Where is Chris Morris these days?
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