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    Am looking for a christening present for my daughter she is 13 months old. She got lots of baby gifts when she was born like silver photo box..keepsake box..silver baby bangle. Im looking for something different that she can keep forever..anyone got any good ideas. thanks..rep to helpers.


    Somebody bought a friend of ours a special plate that all the guests wrote a message onto, then the plate was sent away to be glazed and came back beautiful and a special memory that they hung on baby room wall.

    get a lovespoon made and engraved with time and date of christening


    Have you seen the baby gifts on getting personal? They have some great ideas.…htm


    Someone bought a friend a special edition Disney ornament from the Disney Store, was something timeless that would take her through to adulthood and still look current.

    whatabout starting her a scrapbook, maybe put in the scan pics, baby cards, memorable dates, then keep adding to it maybe till she comes of age?
    Theres some gorgeous albums and things that would work really well for this

    how about a baby time capsule, you gather memories seal it on a certain day and give it to her say when shes 21 and she can open it and find all the memories, heres an example of one on ebay,there is also a few more on there xx


    For my little girls first xmas my mum got her a victorian silver and pearl rattle and a display case. It is put away at the moment but will be a display piece once my little girl is older, its beautiful x

    I also really like this…-i/

    My mum bought my little girl a Swarvski Crystal Winnie the Poo & balloon figure which is so cute & pretty from Peter Jones.
    Its a really nice present & comes in a lovely box to keep it safe when not on show.
    Have a lovely christening.

    Can i ask your daughters name? Have you seen the Royal Mail STAMPERS? Just go into your local Post Office and ask for a leaflet. Send them an image of her, paper one or digital and they will make her image on to a stamp! Its legal tender, i gave a friend of mine these and they were a big hit. The wee girls name was Poppy and i also bought her a necklace with some ornimental poppies on it.
    hope this helps, let me know.

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    As you can see from my avi..her name is Mia. The stamp is a brill idea.
    She already has a baby capsule and a scrapbook...but thanks for great ideas.


    dare i say it.......................................a bible

    google rhs plant finder and see if there are any plants named after her. ihave donr this for weddings and birthdays

    I'd go with a first edition hardback copy of the book 'Blueberry Girl' by Neil Gaiman.

    but then I do tend to recommend Neil Gaiman stuff for almost everything.

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    craig guy;4594206

    google rhs plant finder and see if there are any plants named after her. … google rhs plant finder and see if there are any plants named after her. ihave donr this for weddings and birthdays

    brilliant idea thanks.

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    loads of plants named after her already..thanks though
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