Christmas Cheer

    I would like to offer everone of you, on hotuk, some Christmas Cheer, it's free, won't expire until the end of the year.

    You are more than welcome to pass this on and it isn't limited to the UK either.

    Unfotunately there is no quidco on this deal.

    All the best


    where is it? :-D





    Hi Star, do you ever take a break from here? :p:p


    ask me again at 3 am babes:thumbsup:

    Will you go at 3 a.m.? :? Plz stay till 4 cos thats when I'll leave

    Bah Humbug

    Aww bless ya, thanks hun...and back at ya ;-)

    Are u in it??…234


    Mwahahahaha, doubt I'll be here past 10pm sorry, cheeky you:w00t:Only on … Mwahahahaha, doubt I'll be here past 10pm sorry, cheeky you:w00t:Only on here now, cos I am Xmas shopping and looking for discount vouchers,lol.Hope you're ok, sure you are, you seem to be queen of the night time misc at the moment:w00t:Say Hi to Cwis for me:thumbsup:

    Am I? :oops: Who's Cwis? :?


    Maybe you are, who he? Who knows?:w00t:


    Will it get me drunk?

    awwww thats really sweet!

    Merry christmas to you too xxxx

    nice thought ...thanks xx right back at you

    Sending some cheer right back to you also hopes for a better new year for us all. Merry christmas

    I'm surprised there aren't more Bah Humbugs!

    It's always good to hear nice things like this - people seem oh so willing to moan -

    Merry Christmas to you too - and everyone else!
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