Call me a humbug BUT why do we have to suffer the christmas decs this early? It is one big marketing hype and it is getting earlier and earlier each year that goes by - at this rate they will be up before Easter.


    Easter, yeahhhhhhh!

    Local council has put the Christmas lights up around the village already!

    Ding dong merrily on high


    Ding dong merrily on high


    Hey - there is a Christmas Shop not too far away from me..... That sells NOTHING but Christmas stuff ALL YEAR ROUND!! Heaven only knows how they manage to stay in business and pay the Retail Rent etc... But we have all the slights the Ho ho ho and the BAH HUMBUG all year...... :stocking:

    Christmas is good:) :stocking: :santa:

    Original Poster

    christmas is December

    I looooove Christmas :santa:

    Ho ho ho !!!


    I looooove Christmas :santa:Ho ho ho !!!

    That last bit should be censored. Hohoho.

    Theres a place near me that never take their xmas lights down

    U say it's early but it's only 8 weeks away and most people put em up 3 weeks before so only gies u about a month to choose and then buy them. Not really THAT early. I love christmas so would have mine up by now if I was allowed lol

    I am feeling christmassy already. been to John Lewis today and bought some decorations and toys from Santa and then it snowed on the way home!

    all ther hsops have decs up nearly round our town and the council were putting them up in the streets so wont be long

    my local tesco has all its xmas stuff coming in now. they have completely rearranged the aisles for it all. expecting a big on by the looks of it
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