christmas for a pound

    My friend was on it last night. ITv 8oclock.
    However, after my 3rd eye op 3 weeks ago. My sight fluctuates so much that i couldnt see at all. Typical.
    I dont suppose anyone recorded it on disc or owt.
    Its not on iplayer.
    Im really upset that i couldnt SEE it.
    I know its a long shot


    :-( Watched it earlier and then deleted it from sky+ otherwise I would of, sorry

    Who was she? Was a good programme

    I'm sure it will appear on ITV player soon won't it? - never used it so not sure how long it takes for programmes to appear

    you have a third eye???

    thats amazing.

    hiya cherishu ull b pleased to know that its repeating at 3.55am - 4.20am on monday...set that bad boy on record unless ur an owl and wud b awake at that time

    Original Poster

    ooo ace i have no idea how to do that.
    twas the lady with the family, Natasha.
    Wish i did have a 3rd eye. pmsl

    made me laugh how they were so snooty about poundland, and yet the loaded woman from stowe was quite happy to shop in there!!!


    you have a third eye???thats amazing.

    Brown, perhaps ;-) :whistling:


    Brown, perhaps ;-) :whistling:

    Or Japs?;-)

    Operation? Eeeooowwww!

    Wait, though...3 eyes and you still couldn't see it?...soz.........

    It will be repeated Monday 14th December at 3:55am on ITV1 so you can record it. x

    Original Poster

    dh is gonna record it thank you


    dh is gonna record it thank you

    You're welcome.
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