Christmas gift advice.

    I have to advise a couple of people on gifts they are buying and thought as well as doing my own research I would ask people on here in case they had experience.

    Anyone know a speaker dock for an iphone 3gs for under £50? Can't find any consistant info on compatibility.

    What is the best netbook you can get for under £250?

    What is the best bluray player for under £150 that can also handle divx and possibly mkv via a usb port?

    Apologise for any spelling mistakes as i'm typing this out on my phone. And yes i can use google but i'd like peoples opinions.

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    I've sorted the BD player and have an idea for the netbook (n150) but i'm still stuck for an iphone speaker dock.

    Does anyone own a speaker dock that can sit on a shelf or even a bedside table and both charge and play music from an Iphone 3gs that costs under £50? Something like a Logitech Pure-Fi express, my only problem is searches bring back inconsistent results for compatibility and this is for someone who lives on the opposite side of the country from me I can't sneakily check (don't own an Iphone).
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