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    I was going to ask for this first item I can't seem to find anywhere, then thought I'd probably come back with further "eak helps" so figured I'd be better to put them in this one thread and see what comes back.

    So I've started Christmas shopping ...

    My step mum has asked for a woolly hat with sparkly bits on, she'd prefer the ones with little sequins/gems sewn on rather than a glittery thread... but I can't find either. It needs to be a bigger woolly hat, rather than the round one that bearly covers the ears.... I hope that makes sense.

    Ok and here goes for everyone else, I have a few ideas but maybe you can throw some others at me.

    Mum : She likes being warm, so far I've got her some pyjama bottoms like the all in one baby grows with the feet ... only its just the bottoms with feet I wanted to get her something to go with them probably a cozy pyjama top.

    Dad, so far I've got him some cufflinks you can put photos into, he likes golf, and going to Alicante heh.

    Sister: I have no idea what to buy her, she's 19 and just moved into her first rented home i.e. left home. I saw those blonde wigs on argos made me laugh I was going to try find her a nice outfit but it needs to be very reasonably priced.

    Then I have my niece + nephew, niece is 8 Nephew is 13
    Problem here is I keep looking at barbie's, disney etc for my Niece but she's quite grown up for her age and think she'd probably prefer a miniture version of something adult, e.g. a kids juicy couture tracksuit, except not so expensive.

    As for my nephew he wants to be a chef, but I can't really think of anything that's suitable...maybe the RC tarantula but they're quite expensive.

    I think that's it, well there's aunts, grans etc but there's M&S for them heh!

    I feel a bit cheeky asking all that but my main reason for posting this was to find the sparkly woolly hat



    How about this from ]Accessorize, only £12

    try peacocks for the hat,ours had some nice wooly hats with sequins

    Original Poster

    Thanks choc,
    thats the kind of thing I was looking for

    With regards to my nephew, I realise how random I sound now but as much as he wants to be a chef I can't imagine at 13 opening a cookery book will be really that much exciting you know ? Ideally a chance to cook with Mr Ramsey would be a fab gift heh but I think he's busy on 25/12
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