Christmas Hamper ideas

    Thinking of making a Christmas hamper for the old radio rentals and just after some ideas. Mainly thinking of putting in non perishable food items and some little gifts that parents like such as photos etc. Anyone got any nice ideas of little gifts that might promote me to number one son!!?


    Packets of their favie biccies

    Favourite booze.

    Favourite music - even if you burn the discs yourself

    Favourite booze


    Favourite booze

    Spare reading glasses eg from poundshop (cos they'll always be mislaying them)

    Favourite booze

    Favourite scent/aftershave

    Favourite booze

    Sorry about emphasis on booze -

    but you did say you wanted to be number one son!

    Original Poster

    Ha yeah thanks some good ideas there. They are both partial to a bit of booze anyway so that's sure to go down well.


    all the lovely christmas goodies they like but wouldnt buy cause of the expense if that makes sense i make my parents a luxuary one and they love it
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