Christmas Ideas for boys

Anyone got any ideas for crimbo for my lads around 12-13 age group, I just can't think what to get this year so any ideas from you lot would be welcome.


Price range don't really matter just blast them down to get my mental juices flowing


Nintendo Wii or DS Lite....good luck finding one!

Bit hard to say without knowing ya kids really. When I was that age I was into bird watching (the feathered kind) so would of been well happy with a warm coat and a nice new pair of binoculars. I doubt thats the case though nowadays.

How about a day out paint balling or if you have a cinema near you that does a yearly ticket get one of those.

Football kits or a years sub to Satanta sport.

Hope that helps


electric guitars are all the rage at the moment. I have trouble thinking of stuff for my boys (5) eldest 12. Decent designer
watch? Ared they into Warhammer?

Hi how about a driving experience day from buyagift, there is good quidco and also loads of discounts knocking about too, plus im sure they let kids drive on some of their experiences, its a mini one i think, hope this helps

i had the same problem, my son is 13 on the 30th so i was stumped, there is a thread somewhere where i was given ideas, i did get him a ds as my other 2 have one, also got him a remote control helicopter after recommendations on here, looks pretty cool i must say (from i also got him some after shave (he's almost a teenager lol) ipod dock and more, hth


Nintendo Wii or DS Lite....good luck finding one!

my 12 year old has one and it goes everywhere with him.

this year he has mentioned a music keyboard, a gaming chair and a mp3/mp4 player
as possible christmas gifts.
i have also got a wii for him to share with his brothers.

he no longer seems interested in toys.
its a difficult age he's still a child but thinks he wants grown up stuff.

My Son loves that gadget 20Q he spends ages (so do I!) trying to beat it!

Hi Try ]

I have bought from them loads of time No Probs ,
Im bit of a filmcell collector.
Anyway. If hes a transformers fan . then they have a special on offer for £14 inc postage.

By the way i hate the new look forum.... :O(
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