Christmas in NYC


    Gutted. Heathrow is a nightmare (drove down yesterday to stay overnight ready for this morning).

    Spend 6 hours driving to find out even though we'd checked in online already that the flight was cancelled (found out in the last hour of the journey).

    Back in Sunny Barnsley for the Festive Period. Joy.

    Anyone else been caught out with this?



    Big bummer.

    How does the cancellation work, i presume you get your dollar back?

    gutted for you-when can you reschedule for?

    Bad times eh ....

    My cousins are due to go to Oz on boxing day but it looks very unlikely.... gutted.

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    The only offer we could have taken for re-schedule was flying late Xmas Day (which meant us having 3 days there), but even then the places weren't guarenteed, so we had to take the full refund.

    Hoping to re-book for April or May (have to wait for holiday days at work now as used 2 up travelling to Heathrow already, may as well take Xmas off).

    i bet you were fuming.. i would have been

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    Not happy, but not much could be done so had to just let it go...

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    Still got my Quidco from it though I suppose...


    Still got my Quidco from it though I suppose...

    That's the spirit!

    Gutted for you though. We're not traveling this xmas which we normally would, but I know how I'd feel if we were due to go somewhere. Makes you wonder how colder countries manage eh!
    Only advice is to go and get a food shop asap - would be a double whammy if you can't even get yourself a turkey or a loaf of bread!


    Not happy, but not much could be done so had to just let it go...

    It is a national disgrace, Sweden's main airport has never been closed in it's 50 year history, and they get real snow every year there.

    We get a couple of inches of the stuff and the place grinds to a halt.

    Aww such a shame but why not book something last minute in UK such as a cottage with a log fire. It dont have to be miles away just to get away would still be nice.

    Dont unpack just take the oppurtunity to do something different.

    xmas at Barnsley, I feel for ya

    is it possible you leave from another uk airport not so badly effected eg manchester / liverpool etc?

    I'm in the opposite situation, in NYC at the moment and hope I can make it back to the uk for Christmas!
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