christmas list: 1 laptop

hey, im sorry if there is already a request for this, but im quite new to this and couldnt find one :s if there is please just direct me and ill be on my merry way.

ok so like alot of people, a laptop is on the shopping list this year, and i havent got a clue where to start.
i'll just put what im looking for and what ill be using it for and if you could throw me a lifeline that would be grand.

im looking for a laptop (not a netbook/similar)
it will be used mostly for music/films/internet
wifi is a must, due to where i live.
15"+ screen
i have a 1tb hdd to store music and other files on so not looking for too big memory really.
im looking at £300-500
obviously the cheaper the better

any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
again if im postiing this in the wrong place i apologise.

i hope this helps other less tech minded people out there.

thanks again.


hi you should look at the acer aspire 5536 off of ebuyer its has 4gb ram, 500gb hdd and a led 15.6 inch screen and webcam but you have to order windows 7 for 12 pounds off acer.com here is the link to ebuyer ebuyer.com/pro…536
and the link for windows 7 upgrade acer.com/win…de/
we have this laptop it is fast, reliable and brilliant.



They have some good laptops with all the specs you need for under £400 brand new with free delivery. Good look finding one.

You are going to find it very hard to get 1tb of hard drive. If you want this size of hard drive, you would be safer to use an external one as posted on HDUK

Try [url]www.dell.co.uk/outlet[/url]

and the main Dell site

good luck :santa:

Original Poster

hey thanks for the help
sorry i probably wrote that wrong, i actually have the 1tb external hard drive,
but the acer one posted by "dovetail" looks pretty good. im not too clued up but it seems spot on,
the only thing that confuses me is: AMD Turion RM-74 2.2GHz
can anybody explain this to me??
i keep reading dual/quad core etc is this like the whole branding thing? and AMD is the equivalent?
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