Christmas Mark II

    There was a Christmas thread on here this morning, and I mentioned that I'd seen my first Christmas AD on TV few days ago.
    Our local Tescos (Metro) is selling Christmas party food, pork joints, turkey and mini sausages, all with the holly and the word Christmas splashed over them. I bought a pork joint for half price even though the sell by was September 08 & use by February 09.
    So it is Christmas Day in our house tomorrow!

    This is absolute madness!

    BTW. HUKD is acting up again I think.


    perhap we are going to have christmas in July just like the USA

    'So it is Christmas Day in out house'

    in your outhouse?

    Asda usually start their Christmas aisles at the end of August which is ridiculous in itself :giggle:

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    'So it is Christmas Day in out house'in your outhouse?

    oooops! Corrected the spelling.

    I asked my sister today how long until x-mas! I've already sorted out a few presents! exciting, started to write my wish list today too! hehe

    The nights start to draw in from tomorrow, winter is on it's way :giggle:

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    Money Spinning;2356717

    The nights start to draw in from tomorrow, winter is on it's way :giggle:

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