Christmas Persepective

I have just heard that family friends, who have only been married for a year, have just lost their twins in a premature birth. They had two months to go. One baby died on Friday, the other was put in an incubator, but died this morning. It kind of makes you realise how pointless the Christmas festivities really are in light of this. A very sad Christmas for our friends and their families.


OMG. How sad. Real sorry for you and your friends Predi.
My condolences to you and your friends.

My heart goes out to them. 19 years ago, we lost our baby girl on 28th November, she was due on 15th December. We had a little boy too, and so were forced to make an effort that Christmas even tho' our hearts weren't in it. However, it turned out to be a very nice peaceful Christmas because our family all came round and helped - how lovely it was to be together and support each other. May I wish you and your friends a very peaceful Christmas.

That is so sad, I don't know how i would cope in the same situation.

It's easy to forget just how sad this time of year is for many people.

Especially Jehovah Witness children! :-(

I don't know what to say - its truely terrible. Condolences.

That's an absolute tragedy for your friends Predi and something from which they will never recover. It is utterly sad but, and I'm sorry to disagree with you here at this terrible moment, it doesn't make a festive Christmas pointless. Christmas is often the time of year when people are at their happiest ( not all, I know - it can be lonely and awful for others), when they think of other people, including those who are lonely or homeless, when families meet up or at least go out of their way to communicate. When there is a proper break and holiday for some who work their socks off all year.
Yes, I know there are downsides to Christmas but there are plenty of upsides as well.
It is natural to be very upset but what about when your friends hopefully have their next kids - will Christmas be pointless then?

Agreed! I lost my gran last year and it put it into perspective for me, but this is worse, no parent should ever have to bury their own child/children.

Thats why I choose to support the charity I do.

my heart goes out to them so very sad xx

All I can say is I am so sorry for the parents and their family - my heart really does go out to them

I honestly can't think about christmas at this moment in time for personal reasons but whatever happens I will still have my two children to cuddle and kiss and I can't even begin to imagine how your friends hearts must be breaking right now
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