Christmas present for girlfriend

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Found 12th Dec 2007
Need advice of what to get my girlfriend for christmas.

We've only been going out a few weeks so not sure what i should get - if anything.

Not even sure if she will get me anything

Any ideas?


Depends really. If you really like her and want to keep seeing her then get her something! Seriously though, just spend a tenner or so. Best get perfume or something as opposed to crotchless knickers...

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crotchless knickers didn't really cross my mind. thanks for the imput though

any other ideas?


jean paul gaultier perfume bit expensive but does the trick

Take her into town and past a jewellers stop and pretend to look at something for yourself and chances are she will say something like "oh thats nice" or "I like that" that way you will know what she likes! Generally go shopping with her and you should get an idea of what she likes.

What I thought was a naff idea at first went down really well as a simple (and cheap present) as something different and extra just printed a sheet full of xxxxx's covered a small empty box with it and gave it to my other half, told her it was a box of kisses for when I wasnt there to give her one (a kiss that is you dirty minded sod) and she was feeling down! She thought that was ace and got me brownie points for being sweet!! (i hate that name) but then we've been together years and got three kids so we know what makes each other tick so its easier!

Depends on the type of woman she is, she could be the type that sees things like make up or hairdressing vouchers as saying you think shes ugly, choclate is bad for her figure, vouchers as impersonal.

Well that depends on how much you 'like her' if you know what I mean.

I once had a guy I went out with for a few weeks buy me a wind chime - really spooky - and dumped as soon as I got it.

I wouldn't go down the 'underwear' route as it's always a bit tricky, neither would I buy anything that I had to 'guess' her size as you could insult.

Best advice would be to find out what perfume she wears or what skincare product she likes - always a hit with the ladies. So if she likes 'clairns' for example buy her some nice products that she can pamper herself with. (check her bag or ask a friend)

If you really like her I would buy something as although women say don't buy me anything they always hope you will. If you don't like her I'd dump her before xmas as there are lots of single women out at xmas.

Even if she doesn't get you anything you will always get the pleasure (and the reputation) that you were a 'thoughtful guy'.

Sorry a woman's advice - I'm sure guys will give others.

Buy her something you know she likes,there is nothing more annoying than getting stuff (perfume, skincare, undies etc...) that are either not what you like or the wrong size, pretending you like something which you dont on xmas day always provokes guilt, therefore making her moody!!!
A gift voucher should work, at least you know what KIND of clothes she wears instead of second guessing her likes and sizes!!
My fella rushes out the day before every occasion and buys on impulse!! Not good!!!!
Good Luck!!!

....meant to agree with Katrb... DEFINETLY buy her something, even if you think she'l hate it, something is better than nothing, as if she gets nothing she may think she doesnt matter to you!!!

You ought to buy her something, but you haven't given us a lot to go on.

Buy her some Thorntons chocolates (they have a deal on at the moment, look through hot uk deals).not too personal that she runs a mile yet quite classy if you get her one of the larger size unusual boxes. PS any woman who says they don't like chocolate is lying to themselves. Ha!Ha!

unless of course she's on a diet!!!

never heard of a woman who's not on a diet, I know I am 51 weeksof the year.

Im never on a diet, infact I have the opposite problem, often mistaken for some sort of stick insect,!! but id imagine if I were doing really well dieting, chocs would be insulting!!
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