Christmas shopping

    Any one started christmas shopping yet? I went into town today and it was empty! Great to get it all done without the crowds!


    They've all finished....

    Done about all the gifts now, just goto do the food shopping as will not have time in a few weeks

    Finished and wrapped, ready for posting abroad.

    Started a while back, still got loads to buy.

    started last week still loads to go lol

    Mostly done thanks to this site. !!

    Going well so far !! Aiming to get it all finished by the end of November.

    All presents bought, just the cash gifts to do and then wrap everything

    done mine in october just food now and little bits

    done most of it online....nearly there!!

    Finished my childrens, and my sisters, even wrapped and given them to her.
    Just need to finish my parents and left family little bits x

    My nephew is causing me deep distress, don't know what to buy him arghhh

    When i was in Bury on Saturday it was like granny central,that market has a lot to answer for lol
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