Christmas Tree

    What a brilliant idea.…spx £75 from John Lewis


    I think it looks stupid, but that's just my opinion. I can understand why people with limited space would buy one, but I think you are better off buying a smaller tree.


    where would u put the prezzies? on the ceiling?

    Seen it last year ha. It would look humerous at least.

    Got to say looks very good in the flesh, all kitted out. I still wouldnt have one just for the "freak" factor. Puttin mine up tomorro woooooohooooooo!

    I feel sorry for the fairy, she's under the floorboards somewhere. :giggle:

    tickles me that termite starts a thread on trees, but there you go!

    Ohh I must tell my local council! I live near Lancaster and that bunch of dubious councillors decided to spend our council tax on some lovely upside down trees to adorn the side of a cycle path...yep the 'artist' planted some trees with the roots in the air...and they paid him!! Maybe they could make all the shops buy these trees from John Lewis's to keep the theme going.
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